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MyExpatJob specialised in International & Multilingual profiles, is the new job-board which stands out through its strong presence on social networks, but also through its adapted research filters (CV / offers), country profiles, tips for candidates, and last but not least, posting job offers is totally free!

Jorge Prieto Martin has over 15 years of experience in international mobility (IM), at the beginning in large groups and then in his own consulting company IM, RHExpat, which he founded in 2011. He realizes that there are a few job sites for expats, but none really stands out in the field of expatriation. This is why he decides with his partner, Damien Labdouche, to create RHExpat Employment by the end of 2013.


More than a year after its creation, as the site was operating in autonomy, a development strategy is implemented. Then follows a new name, MyExpatJob, a new logo, new partnerships, a new rate policy … MyExpatJob has the means and aspires to become a market leader.


More recently, the site has been completely redrawn with a new design, new sources of information available for you and FINALLY … a  multiple language website, not silly for an expats job board, right? 😉

Need advice in international mobility?


RHExpat is a consulting company created by experts with over fifteen years of experience in managing International Mobility for employees. Today we bring our knowledge to HR seeking technical and practical assistance in the management of international mobility within their companies. For it we offer a package including:

• A consultancy involving a range of services tailored to the needs of businesses in International Mobility
• The website containing open-access key steps to success, control and secure the expatriation and expatriation of your employees.
• Club International Mobility RHExpat with detailed articles on technical aspects, social issues and tax news related to expatriation, country profiles.