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Evodeck Software

About Us

Evodeck Software is a professional consulting company for Agile Web Development, DevOps Engineering and Hosting as well as mobile development for iOS and Android.
Our international teams are located in Portugal and Germany. We work with an evolving mindset to continuously refine your ideas and turn them into products.

Our Application Lifecycle Management is based on Continuous Integration complemented with deployment pipelines and monitoring. DevOps Engineering starts while we’re implementing the first features.

We work with customers individually
Founded by experienced IT consultants, Evodeck Software created its processes with the demands of established enterprises in mind. We are familiar with the domain analysis of grown systems as well as the special needs of startup companies. Let’s create your product, no matter if you just want a Minimum Viable Product or a full flavored market solution. We are your experienced partner at any stage from the first idea to initial product launch and thereafter.
We prepare your project for lift off
Whatever you want to realize, starting something new is always a challenging process. We have gained the necessary experience and can provide guidance to a successful kick off. While we are used to working on a mature agile level, we are still aware of the prerequisite of creating a trustful collaboration process. If you are new to agile collaboration, we can start with a MVP development on the spot. This way we focus on the actual product while you grow.
Smallest effort for maximum evaluation
Developing a Minimum Viable Product is a feasible way to evaluate your idea on the spot. We turn your idea into a working product, no matter if showcase, prototype or small production ready system. Within our MVP development we offer more than just a reasonable way to deliver a fixed scope within a given timespan. Our customers are pleased to easily start with the actual product development while building trust and steadily increasing agile maturity level.