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Stepout Abroad

About Us

StepOut Abroad is an international mobility organisation founded in 2011 which aims to optimize accessibility of high added value Corporate and Social Internship opportunities in INDIA for students.




  • No Intermediaries

Most actors of International mobility market expend via a network of intermediary organisations. They are either focused on promotion or on hosting services but are rarely mixing both. Frequent scheme is then sending organisation in developed countries with solid promotion sending applications to local structures in developed countries which are delegating the ground work to other structures. As a result margins are cumulated making the final pricing high and not affordable to everybody. In addition to this fact there is no continuity in the application process and quality of service is impacted.

Step Out Abroad handles every single step from your application to your integration abroad.


  • No Excessive margin

International mobility is a growing sector and the demand is bigger than the offer. It is then frequent to see actors of the market using their strong position and implement high service fees. We are putting a particular attention to keep the package price up to its value by maintaining small margins in order to be accessible to different profiles of students. Accessibility of opportunities and transparency in the process are our main goals. The fact that we do not have intermediaries is also helping us keeping competitive prices.



  • Legal and Ethical Services

We associate sustainability with keeping our services transparent to candidates and with conducting activities matching local laws. It is actually frequent to see local structures or their employees getting commissions on expenditures of candidates (tourism, restaurants, parties…). We have developed a privilege card system to prevent this commission issue to occur and set some clear policies to avoid any illegal or unethical activities and services.


  • Focus on Quality more than Quantity

We have chosen to focus on the development of the quality of the services we provide to candidates in the application process as well as in the services we provide locally rather than developing our online and physical presence despite the fact that students international mobility market is quickly growing. Satisfaction of our candidates matters more than the amount of applications we will generate.