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About Us

Stork Jobs is a professional recruitment agency that connects top quality ESL talent to various educational institutions across China. Based in Shanghai, our team is dedicated to providing quality teachers to our clients, while delivering unmatched support for our teachers throughout the entire process

We are looking for high energy, positive teachers who enjoy what they do and have a passion for teaching. Teachers in our programs are privileged with high energy and warmth, accompanied by a celebrity like status from the students.  Competitive monthly salary from 10k-30k RMB

Available positions for foreign teachers

Subjects: ESL/ELA/History Math/Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Science/Economics/Statistics



  • Head Teacher
  • Language teacher
  • Subject Teacher



  • Harbin campus
  • Beijing campus
  • Xinxiang campus
  • Wuxi campus
  • Taicang campus
  • Guiyang campus
  • Shenzhen campus
  • Foshan campus
  • Yinchuan campus
  • Tianjin campus
  • Changsha campus
  • Chengdu campus
  • Ganzhou campus




We require our candidates to have the following:

  • Full-Time
  • Bachelors
  • 2 years working experience in teaching
  • Native or non-native English speakers
  • Legal documents notarized by the government of candidate’s country
  • Criminal background check
  • Most importantly all candidates should encompass a very energetic attitude and ability to communicate with students ranging in age from 3 years to adults


Job Description:

  • Teaching above subjects under US high school curriculum/A level curriculum
  • Preparing classes well prior to teaching and provide weekly teaching plan
  • Class management and students’ work assessment
  • Providing assistance with the academic director on curriculum system, teaching syllabus and teaching evaluation standard etc.
  • Applying new ideas and approaches in subject teaching practice
  • Using digital technologies effectively and appropriately to support the students’ learning and to experiment with new techniques and technologies
  • Focusing on improving students’ critical and creative thinking ability
  • Improving the quality of the students’ learning
  • Reflecting on and share experiences and outcomes to plan further career development
  • Participating in students recruitment activities and business development activities



  • An engaging personality and teaching style
  • Clear objectives for lessons
  • Effective discipline skills
  • Good classroom management skills
  • Knowledge of curriculum and standards
  • Knowledge of subject matter
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Good organizational and time-management skills
  • Energy, enthusiasm, stamina, patience, dedication, resilience and self-discipline
  • Initiative, leadership and supervisory skills and team-working abilities
  • Imagination, creativity and a sense of humor
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office



Why Stork Jobs you may ask?


We source qualified ESL teachers from the top English speaking countries around the work (i.e. United States, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand)




Venturing into a new country can be exciting and scary. Stork Jobs believes this transition is the most important step in the recruitment process. That is why we provide our teachers with airport pick-up, orientation, on-board training and ongoing support



Stork Jobs currently works with wide variety clients. We believe in fostering strong relationships through reliability and trust. Our recruitment practices ensure we meet our clients’ needs and deliver on our promises


Benefits working for us:

  • Learn Chinese
  • Cultural exchange and friendships
  • Sense of adventure
  • Surprises everyday
  • Culture experience
  • Safe and Security
  • Competitive salary
  • Quality sourcing of teachers
  • 24/7 support
  • Reliable networking
  • Dedicated team aiming for your success
  • Accommodation allowance or free on-campus apartment
  • International air ticket allowance 10,000 RMB to be paid at the end of academic year Paid vacations
  • Working day lunch allowance
  • Standard Insurance
  • Professional Development Opportunity: Provide teachers with professional training or workshop


Contact information:

Follow us on Wechat: Storkjobs002 and Storkjobs003


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