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Appen is a global leader in the development of high-quality, human-annotated datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Appen brings over 20 years of experience capturing and enriching a wide variety of data types including speech, text, image, and video. With deep expertise in more than 180 languages and access on a global crowd of over 1 million skilled contractors.

We currently have a task which requires your native language skills. You would be evaluating the existing translation strings, however, translation skills are not required for this project.


Project Vistula

The main task is to review source sentences in English and their pair machine translated sentences in the target language (and vice versa), and score quality of the target translations.


Tasks need to be completed within 24 hours and are paid based on reliably completed work.


  • stable Internet connection
  • a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Native Speaker of any of the following:

Gan Chinese | Scottish Gaelic | English | Mezquital Otomi | Bashkir | Xiang Chinese | Tahitian | K’iche’ | Western Frisian | Breton | South Bolivian Quechua | Tibetan | Occitan | Udmurt | Aragonese | Eastern Mari | Eastern Huasteca Nahuatl | Western Mari | Guerrero Amuzgo | Western Huasteca Nahuatl | Inuinnaqtun | Balanta-Kentohe | Northern Sami | Goan Konkani | Achuar-Shiwiar | Barama | Upper Sorbian | Corsican | Cherokee | Hawaiian | Lakota | Kanasi | Aguaruna | San Pedro Amuzgos Amuzgo | Shuar | Silacayoapan Mixtec | Uspanteco | Lower Sorbian


It is an ongoing project, repeating monthly or weekly, depending on the language.



If you would like to be considered for this and future projects, click the link below and register in our contractor platform.



Once you have completed your profile in Appen Connect, you will be able to apply for opportunities that match your interest. Detailed instructions will be provided via email shortly after you have applied.

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