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Job Overview

  • Country Australia
  • Language(s) English
  • Level of Experience Senior

We are wanting to hire the ideal candidate the opportunity to be self-employed and build a successful business that creates a life style to match. The ideal candidate would have a passion for personal development, business, and achieving great results as a Online Marketing Director and Entrepreneur.


We are a team of exceptional leaders, big-picture thinkers and wealth creators impacting people’s lives in 132 countries all over the globe. Positioned in a 65 billion a year industry of Personal Development and Wealth Creation. Our dedicated and committed team are expanding globally in this fast-pace digital and online world which provides great opportunities with many benefits available.


The benefits


  • Full training and on-going support by experienced leaders and staff
  • A Proven Business Model, systems and strategies to follow
  • Flexible work hours
  • Work from home and remotely
  • Uncapped income
  • Compassionate and empowering leaders and community


What We Offer


We are a talented team of individuals from diverse industries, backgrounds and professionals combining success education, a proven business model and systems among leaders who will coach and guide you in the right direction towards life changing success. Offering on-going support and training to the ideal candidate passionate about personal development and creating the wealth you deserve. Our business model and systems are very simple to learn and follow which foster and encourage your uniqueness, your creativity, your confidence and growth in business.


The ideal candidate


If you are proactive, coachable and you are able to prioritise your workload effectively. Committed to working online for a minimum of 20 – 25 hours a week. Have a strong desire for leadership, building influence online and creating positive changes in people’s lives. Communicate ideas, information and systems clearly. Record and process information accurately. Collaborate, include and inspire other members in your team and community we would like to hear from you.


You would bring these skills and attributes:

  • Self-motivated, passionate and committed to Personal and Professional Growth and Development
  • An open attitude and desire to dream, think big and action takers to reach your goals
  • High interest in learning and challenging yourself (and others)
  • Desire for leadership and extending your entrepreneurship skills
  • Effective and authentic communicator that displays the ability to call applicants and follow an interview process
  • High standards in work ethics
  • Authentic and Active team members


You would be responsible for:

  • Promoting our products, programs and events
  • Marketing, engaging and advertising on various social medial platforms with the training provided
  • Attend daily live training calls to improve and advance your skills
  • Plan and set weekly targets and goals to achieve
  • Continually seek to improve and grow personally, financially, and professionally
  • Work well independently, and build strong networks
  • Lead with a vision, collaborate effectively to form and grow your own team


If you feel you fit the description and you are the ideal candidate for the position “Apply Now” and we will contact you within the next 12/ 24 hours for a brief phone interview.


NO students/graduates

NO working visa applications

NOT available in India or surrounding countries

Job Location

Only candidates can apply for this job.

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