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Job Overview

  • Country India
  • Language(s) English

Contribute to improving the future Voice Message Tech!

In this project, the goal is to improve voice recognition system performance and Conversational Messaging. 

Imagine you want to send a text message or initiate a conversation to your friend, instead of typing out the message word by word, your smartphone will be able to understand what you said and type the message for you.

To create such a feature, a speech dataset is needed to understand how people communicate using text/voice chat messages.

In this task, participants will be required to record 5 to 15-minute conversations with family/friend discussing different topics and in a specific ambient environments. To complete the task, you and your partner will need to record no less than 1 hour of conversation.


  • You must get a signed consent form from your friend/family member you have a conversation with in order for your conversation to be accepted.
  • The pay rate is USD 18.00 and only applicable for full completion of the task: 1 hour of conversation with 5-15 minutes recordings on different topics.
  • unique payment for the work of both participants will be issued to the person who registered for the project through their Appen Connect account.
  • Individuals from all backgrounds can play an important part in this study. Individuals identifying as members of underrepresented sexual orientations, gender identities, and racial, ethnic, or religious groups may qualify for additional tasks, as insights from people identifying with those communities are needed to get a complete, diverse understanding of the problem.

Important Note:

Please note that there is a mandatory survey to completeYou will NOT be able to see the project in the new Appen app prior to finishing that survey. Please note once you complete the survey, we shall review your answers and contact you with the next step. Thank you for your collaboration!

Please use this link to register with Appen: https://connect.appen.com/qrp/core/sign-up  Thanks!


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