MyExpatJob Press Kit


MyExpatJob specialized in expatriate, impatriate and international profiles employment, is the new job-board which presence enhances both, its strong presence on social networks, adapted research filters (CV / offers) ,  country profiles, tips for CV editors, and its method of cheap and simple billing.

Jorge Prieto Martin has over 15 years experience in international mobility (IM), first in large groups and later in his own consulting IM company , RHExpat, which he founded in 2011. He notices there are few job sites for expats, but none really stands out in the middle of expatriation. This is why he decides with his partner, Damien Labdouche, to create the job board “RHExpat Emploi” end of 2013 .

More than a year after its creation, when the site was operating autonomy, a development strategy is implemented. Therefore follows a new name, MyExpatJob, a new logo, new partnerships, a new policy rate … MyExpatJob has the means and aspires to become a market leader.

Recently, the site has been completely changed with a new design, new sources of information available for you, and last but not least … a multiple language website.

MyExpatJob visual assets

The Expat Team

  • Jorge – Founder & CEO. Jorge, a native of Spain, has over 14 years experience in International Mobility. After working for 5 years at Ernst & Young, at the time as Human Capital Manager, he joined the Engie Group Manager for International Mobility in 2006. His experience and enterprising soul leads him by the end of 2011 to start his own consulting International Mobility Firm: RHExpat. Two years later, the strong success of RHExpat, encourages him and his partner Damien to develop, diversify and create a job board called” RHExpat Emploi”. His engine is, his entrepreneurial passion, and his team.


  • Damien – CEO. Damien also comes from the International Mobility world. After working for a time with Jorge, they decided in 2014 to become partners and develop RHExpat together. Now based in Hungary, Damien proves he is also a manager through and through.


  • Sonia – Community Management. Sonia, also from Spain, has been for more than 11 years working as a business travel agent at American Express Travel Services, fully dedicated to companies such as Air Liquide, JP Morgan, Lafarge… . After a 2 year assignment in Mexico in order to follow his spouse, Sonia is now in charge of the management and community networking for MyExpatJob and RHExpat.


  • Alexandre – Business Developer. Alexandre, a native of Cherbourg, was studying in a business school that led him to New York and then Shanghai. Fascinated by the web and new technologies, he’s into everything.  Managing sites and business development, community management, networking, strategic development…


Please don’t hesitate to contact Jorge – Founder & CEO for any additional questions, clarifications and interview requests