Jorge CEO & Founder

Born in Madrid in 1976 (looks younger than his age) he became an entrepreneur in 2011 after having worked in 2 big companies. He’s proud of his team and the work they do every day in order to create and develop MyExpatJob. With almost a new idea each day, he drives his Partner and Team crazy, who half the time pretend to listen to what he says.

Amateur Fisherman specialised in “street Fishing” having failed to move up to pro-division, he ended up from a lack of vocation, associated to MyExpatJob. Today, more often golfing or at the Pub than at the office, we call him Mister Ghost.  So, do not forget to forward another member of the team, in particular when you write to him.

Damien CEO

Sonia Community Manager

Pick a European at heart who loves to feel at home wherever she goes. Add a strong desire to live the moment and enjoy it with no limit. Finish with a big deal of good mood and share, sinéquanone condition for a “successful MyExpatJob story”. Oh! I was forgetting the most… Occasionnally, she also gives life to MyExpatJob, animating our pages through social networks, and diging up the latest articles so you don’t miss the ultimate news…

Straight out of his native Normandy, Alexandre arrives in Paris in 2009 in order to integrate a business school that will send him directly to study in the States and in Asia. Enthusiast about Ice hockey and other “board” sports (wakeboarding, skateboarding… )No wonder he’s is in charge of developing a Jobboard today.

Alexandre Business Developer